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Welcome to “Secrets of Influence” on the Matt Brown Show. In this new and entertaining series, we dive deep into the minds of top-tier entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders with “Secrets of Influence,” the latest gripping series on the Matt Brown Show

The Matt Brown Show began in 2015 with humble beginnings and has since grown to feature over 800 episodes, reaching an audience in 100+ countries and reaching 250,000 people every series. It has become a lexicon of high-value content for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and technologists around the world.

About the series

“True influence is about lifting others up.” — Unknown


Dive deep into the minds of top-tier entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders with “Secrets of Influence,” the latest gripping series on the Matt Brown Show. Each episode, host Matt Brown uncovers the unseen forces of influence that drive successful individuals to create, inspire, and lead revolutionary change. Through engaging conversations, listeners will discover the unconventional wisdom and hidden mechanisms these individuals wield to shape industries, alter consumer behaviors, and rewrite the rules of the contemporary business world.

In a blend of education and entertainment, “Secrets of Influence” demystifies the power of influence, providing listeners with actionable insights and powerful stories that will challenge the status quo, potentially turning any venture into a commanding presence within any marketplace.

Interview structure

Below are example questions that will be asked over a 30 minute interview.

Give us the elevator pitch about you and your business?

As a business leader, how do you personally define influence?

Why is influence important for business leaders today?

Can you share a personal story or experience where you witnessed the power of influence in action, whether it was positive or negative?

How has the landscape of influence changed with the rise of social media, and what challenges and opportunities does it present for individuals and organizations?

What role does attention play in the ability to influence markets?

What technologies are most conducive to scaling a business leaders influence today?

How do business leaders use their influence to drive cultural change?

Influence often goes hand in hand with leadership. What qualities and behaviors do effective leaders possess when it comes to wielding influence within their teams or communities?

How can we ensure that our efforts to influence others are ethical and responsible, and what are the potential consequences of using influence inappropriately?

What is your advice to business leaders, in terms of cultivating or scaling their influence?

Post interview social media post copy

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I/we recently had a chat to renowned entrepreneur and podcast host Matt Brown on the Secrets of Influence series on the Matt Brown Show. A podcast with over 800 episodes and an audience in over 100 countries around the world.

In my/our interview {speaker/guest name} shared our personal stories of failure in business and what we learnt from the experience.

Catch the interview with Matt here: {insert YouTube link of interview} or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.

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About Matt Brown


Full Name: Matt Brown

Born: Cape Town, South Africa

Home Base: Denver, Colorado (USA)


Book: Your Inner Game
(#1 Amazon Best Seller)

Matt Brown is a founder/entrepreneur who is on a mission to help startup founders, entrepreneurs and the community of business to change the world for the better.

He has founded 14 startups over the last 25 years and has built and sold multiple businesses. He is the host of the Matt Brown Show which has built a global following, with millions of downloads and a network of talent unrivalled by most other business podcasts.   

The Matt Brown Show has hosted more than 800 extraordinary guests, with billionaires on six continents, New York Times Best Selling authors, navy seals, professors, scientists and many leading business thought leaders.

Matt is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, Your Inner Game and has been named one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Technology 2021 by CIO Views magazine and the Most Influential People in Business by Fast Company Magazine.

Today, the show is a lexicon of high-value content for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and technologists around the world and is syndicated on Amazon Prime and the Roku Streaming TV Network.

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