State of X in partnership with London Tech Week and Amazon Prime

$65,861 in earned media. 176,971 views. 112 countries. 3962 + engagements.

 The challenge for London Tech Week

London Tech Week is Europes largest technology conference which welcomes over 6,000 attendees, in person at the Westminster campus  in London.

The Matt Brown Show team was approached by London Tech Week to amplify key messages, trends and developments in the technology space by its sponsors.

In partnership with Amazon Prime, the Matt Brown Show team got to work. 

The exposure blueprint

A series of 12 video interviews were shot on site at the London Tech Week conference and the distributed by Amazon Prime and on the Matt Brown Shows global business podcast.

Episode 1: The State of Blockchain

Episode 2: The State of Startups

Episode 3: The State of HealthTech

Episode 4: The State of London Tech Week

Episode 5: The State of Innovation

Episode 6: The State of EdTech

Episode 7: The State of Gyrogear

Episode 8: The State of Artificial Intelligence

Episode 9: The State of 5G and IoT

Episode 10: The State of Virtual Reality

Episode 11: The State of Digital Transformation

Episode 12: The State of Duolingo

The result?

3962 + comments and engagements
Viewed across 112 countries+

It was a pleasure being interviewed by Matt Brown on the State of X series for London Tech Week. Very knowledgable and professional host.”

Lindsay Herbert, Head of Innovation IBM

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