Private Placement Perspectives Series – Speaker / Guest Notes

The Matt Brown Show takes an in-depth look into the world of private placement investments. Below you will find an overview of the show, example questions and guidelines for speakers and guests on the Private Placement Perspectives Series.

Started from humble beginnings in 2015, the Matt Brown Show features over 500+ episodes, an audience in 100+ countries and reaches 250,000 people every series. Today the show is a lexicon of high-value content for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and technologists around the world

About the series

The Matt Brown Show invites you to join us for an in-depth look into the world of private placement investments. Each week, we sit down with industry experts, investment professionals, venture capitalists, private equity firms and angel funds to uncover their strategies and gain unique insights into what makes an attractive investment opportunity for investors.

From understanding market trends, to exploring different types of private placement investments, to discussing the due diligence process and risk management, we cover it all. Join us as we go behind the scenes and gain a better understanding of the art of private investing. Be a part of our show and share your knowledge and expertise with our audience.

Interview structure

The following are example questions you can expect to receive as a speaker/guest on the Private Placement Perspectives series. These can and will change depending on where the conversation goes.

Setting the Stage:


– Can you give us the elevator pitch about your investment firm, and tell us the story about how you got started in the private placements industry?

– How many investments have you made to date and what is the typical size of each investment?

– What is your current investment focus, including the stages of startups and industries you typically invest in?

– What makes your investment firm unique and what would you like startup founders to know about your firm?

Foundations of Private Placements

– What role do macroeconomic factors play in shaping the investment strategies of Limited Partners (LPs) in venture capital (VC) funds?

– What factors influence the investment decisions of Limited Partners (LPs) in venture capital funds, and how do they consider risk, expected returns, and diversification when making investments?

– What are some of the key trends and shifts shaping the VC landscape today, from the perspective of both LPs and VCs?


Evaluating Opportunities and Managing Risk:

– How do you find startups to invest in and what are the key factors you look for when deciding to make an investment?

– What is the most common mistake you observe startups making during their pitch to investment firms like yours?

– What has been your biggest success and failure when making investments into startups and what made the difference?

– What is one piece of advice you’d like to give startup founders looking to raise capital?

Managing Portfolios and Exit Strategies:

– What is your typical capital structure for private placement investments, such as safe notes, convertible notes, participating or non-participating preferred, etc.?

– How do you evaluate and prioritize exits, and what factors do you consider when deciding to sell an investment?

– What kind of return on capital do you look to achieve and over what time horizon?

Navigating the market landscape and time machine:

– What keeps you up at night when it comes to the world of venture capital?

– How do you see the role of venture capital evolving in the next 5-10 years and what implications will this have for startups and investors?

– If you could get into the Matt Brown Show time machine and go back to yourself on day one, and give yourself one piece of advice about investing in startups would would that piece of advice be?

Example Interview

Compliance notes for this interview:

– Guest may not make specific investment recommendations or provide specific buy or sell advice.
– Provide information about a specific security or investment opportunity that is not publicly available, as this could be considered insider trading.
– Make false or misleading statements about a particular investment or investment opportunity.
– Disclose non-public information about a company or investment opportunity without proper authorization or permission.
– Use language that could be considered to be a “testimonial” or an endorsement of a particular security or investment advisor.
– Use language that could be considered to be a “solicitation” or an attempt to sell a particular security or investment product.

Post interview social media post copy

After your interview is conducted, you can use the following social media post copy on your own social media channels e.g. LinkedIn.

I/we recently had a chat to renowned entrepreneur and podcast host Matt Brown on the Private Placement Perspectives series on the Matt Brown Show. A podcast with over 600 episodes and an audience in over 100 countries around the world. 

In my/our interview {speaker/guest name} shared our views on the current state of venture capital, evaluating opportunities, managing risk and exit strategies.

Catch the interview with Matt here: {insert YouTube link of interview} or wherever you get your favourite podcasts. For more information on the Matt Brown Show visit:



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