Discover how the worlds unicorns and best startups scale


In this keynote, Matt Brown, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, and host of the global business podcast the Matt Brown Show reveals how the world’s best unicorns and startups scale to $1Billion valuations and beyond.

This keynote reveals:

The current state of the unicorn club (companies with $1 billion+ in valuation).

Why most startups don’t survive past the first year and the most common reasons behind a startups inability to scale.

The true purpose of a startup and how to identify a scaleable repeatable business model.

How to smash the $1M revenue ceiling as a startup and why most startups cannot break through.

How to identify a competitive advantage as a startup and why most startups without a competitive advantage fail. 

Why marketing USP’s don’t work and what do about it. 

Walkthrough of real-world startups who niched down and scaled to $1B and beyond.

How to cross the chasm and get exposure for your startup on world stage, fast.

And much, much more.


Matt Brown delivers an insightful and revealing show for startups around the world and reveals what many startup founders do not know and think about when it comes to scaling their startup. Highly recommended.

David Burkus

International keynote speaker,

Highly energetic show with practical how to steps on how to scale your startup. A must see for all startups and entrepreneurs. Awesome!

Miki Agrawal

Founder of Tushy ($100 million valuation),

You don’t want to miss out on this show. Loved my time with Matt on the Matt Brown Show podcast.

Marty Kagan

Silicon Valley-based product executive. Founder of Hydrolox.,

An excellent presenter with an engaging and high-energy approach. If you’re looking to scale your startup, Matt Brown is your guide.

Bo Burlingham

Author of Small Giants & Finish Big,

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