Hey Kevin, I created some thought leadership content for Bluewirepods

Off the back of your interview with me, I created some thought leadership content for you. Take a look at the content below, purchase it and use it to position yourself as a subject matter expert in podcasts and raise your profile.

As featured in.

Here is your thought leadership bundle for Bluewirepods

Your thought leadership bundle comprises of three short interview video clips which are branded with your company logo and picture. These clips are designed to position you as a subject matter expert and will give you an image the market can trust. The clips are available for purchase as a bundle. If you’d like to make changes to any of your clips just let me know 🙂

Where to use your thought leadership content


You have a product that you need to market in a different and impactful way.


You have an upcoming event or launch you need to raise awareness of.


You have a leader in your business e.g. CEO you need to position as a thought leader.


You have a content marketing strategy and you need fresh break through content.


You use email in your marketing and need to drip relevant conversation styled content to your subscribers.

Would you like more thought leadership content?

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