Best Selling Author.
Host of the Matt Brown Show.


On a mission to facilitate the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, steering them towards creating a meaningful impact in the world.

About Matt Brown


Full Name: Matt Brown

Born: Cape Town, South Africa

Home Base: Denver, Colorado (USA)


Book: Your Inner Game, Secrets of #Fail, Secrets of Influence
(#1 Amazon Best Seller)

Matt Brown is a veteran founder and entrepreneur zealously dedicated to aiding, entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders and the broader business community in fostering positive change. A veteran founder of 14 companies across a span of 25 years, successfully exiting multiple businesses.  

In the limelight as the host of the globally celebrated Matt Brown Show, Matt has steered over 850 episodes to success, making it a powerhouse of insights with millions of downloads. Recognized for his superpower of compelling business leaders to reveal their well-guarded secrets, he has crafted a network unmatched in depth and diversity, hosting a sterling array of guests including billionaires from six continents, New York Times best-selling authors, navy seals, prominent professors, scientists, and a legion of business thought leaders.

The show has now grown into a repository of high-value content, syndicated on platforms like Amazon Prime and the Roku Streaming TV Network.

Matt is a 3x Amazon Best Selling author, with accolades including, “Your Inner Game”, “Secrets of #Fail”, and “Secrets of Influence” have established him as a significant voice in the entrepreneurial world, a reputation cemented by recognitions such as being named among the Top 25 Most Influential People in Technology by CIO Views magazine and finding a place in Fast Company Magazine’s list of Most Influential People in Business.

Matt is also known for his leadership interventions, where through professional speaking, masterclasses and personalized coaching sessions, he shares the wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of hands-on experience. All these initiatives stem from a driven desire: to usher a positive change in the business world, one startup, one leader at a time.

The mission is clear — to facilitate the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders, steering them towards creating a meaningful impact in the world.

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#1 Amazon Best Selling Book “Your Inner Game”

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