Matt Brown: Mastering the Art of Unlocking Business Titans’ Innermost Secrets

Globally Recognized Podcaster, Speaker and 3 x Amazon Best Selling Author. Veteran Entrepreneur, founder of 14 startups over 25 years. Multiple exits.

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Full Name: Matt Brown

Born: Cape Town, South Africa

Home Base: Denver, Colorado (USA)


Book: Your Inner Game, Secrets of #Fail, Secrets of Influence
(#1 Amazon Best Seller)

Meet Matt Brown, a luminary in the entrepreneurial sphere with an astounding track record of founding 14 companies over a 25-year journey and successfully exiting multiple ventures.

As the dynamic host of the globally acclaimed Matt Brown Show, he’s delved deep into the minds of billionaires, best-selling authors, navy seals, and a myriad of business luminaries, amassing a treasure trove of insights with millions of downloads.

With episodes syndicated on esteemed platforms like Amazon Prime and the Roku Streaming TV Network, the show stands as a beacon for those hungry for profound business wisdom. Beyond the microphone, Matt’s literary contributions, including “Your Inner Game”, “Secrets of #Fail”, and “Secrets of Influence”, have won him laurels and a revered space in the entrepreneurial lexicon.

Named as one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Technology and featuring in Fast Company Magazine’s elite list, Matt’s influence is undeniable.

His leadership interventions, ranging from riveting speaking engagements to in-depth masterclasses and coaching sessions, are all aimed at one singular vision: empowering the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs to bring about significant, positive change in the business realm. Entrust Matt to galvanize your corporate event, and watch the magic unfold.

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#1 Amazon Best Selling Book “Your Inner Game”

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