As a woman shaping the entrepreneurship and business landscape my next guest requires no introduction, Tanya Kunze is joining me today for the 2nd episode of our #WomenofSteel segment here on the Matt Brown Show and I couldn’t be more excited. As a thought leader, CEO, Neuroscientist and Sales Guru, Tanya brings a lot of fresh thinking into the sales and leadership space, challenging traditional ways of thinking with years of experience and powerful insights. In this episode we’re talking about you, yes you. We are uncovering what makes us human, diving deeply into the psychology of how we view ourselves as people and the impact that our thoughts and outlooks on life have on how we develop and how successful we can become on the pursuit of happiness. Join us for a seriously mind expanding episode where we tackle themes around human consciousness and the power that self belief and and reflection hold in such a busy and confusing world.

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