What a way to kick off our #WomenofSteel series on the Matt Brown Show. She’s back again with the enthusiasm and energy we love to experience, fellow Podcast Host, Innovator, Strategist and fearless Women’s Rights Activist, Carmen Murray is my guest for the second time and as a tribute to women’s month we’ll be digging into the topic of women empowerment. It’s time for a refreshing and empowering perspective and as a true Woman of Steel, that is something Carmen has in abundance, we get to chatting about what she has been up to lately, her new upcoming book, thought leadership and of course fearless woman, the need for equal representation and pay of women in the workplace and putting your money where your mouth is when it comes to standing up for what you believe in. We are in a new age and slowly but surely people are waking up to realise the injustices that have been instilled in our society and everyday lives, at work, in the media and practically everywhere we look. Don’t stand by and watch, educate yourself and stick your hand up to strive for a cause that you believe in. For a refreshing and inspiring podcast experience listen into this #womenofsteel episode with the outstanding equality warrior that is Carmen Murray.

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