Being healthy means something different to everyone, you could consider yourself healthy because you only eat take outs once a month or I could consider myself healthy because I frequent crossfit classes 3 times a week. But one aspect of health that is not often spoken about is mental health and cognitive function, a diet for the most important organ in your body. The brain. Today I’m joined by Tristan van Moerkerken, Biochemist and the CEO of Prime Health Holdings and Prime Self, a “Human Optimisation” brand that focuses on creating natural supplements that enable cognitive and human function without the negatives that come with so many products out there today. So often entrepreneurs create incredible solutions for other people but how often do they have something that supports them to be great at what they do without the crash of coffee or energy drinks. Plug in for an exciting episode with everything from mushrooms to mental health, so without further ado enter Tristan van Moerkerken.

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