Media Platforms that help startups ‘cross the chasm’ and scale, fast.

Leverage media Platforms like no other to create a genuine public image your customers can trust, with authentic dialogue that not only raises awareness, but also generates demand at scale.

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It’s not 2005 anymore

In the very near future there will be two types of companies:
Media companies and those that don’t exist.

What shows up on Google and the internet about your startup really matters. Today, startups who behave like a media company are far more likely to achieve scale because they have significant exposure and a digital presence which allows them to add revenue at a much greater rate than cost and faster than their competitors.

But how do you become a media company as a startup? Well, that’s where we come in.

We give you a scalable onramp to the right customers and we do it in days. Believing that if you build it they will come, and hoping that web 2.0 platforms are the secret to scaling up, is so 2005.

Our exposure and traction Platforms deliver massive market presence and a high-speed onramp to the right customers, investors, and talent that you need to scale, fast.

Choose your Platform and start scaling today

Seed Platform

For seed stage startups, who need to go-to-market fast, increase MRR and kick-start growth. Perfect for startups and smaller businesses with big ambitions and a team hungry for scale.

Traction Platform

For series A/B/C funded startups who need to aggressively capture market share, displace competitors and exponentially grow revenue in markets that matter. 

PR/Agency Platform

Are you a PR firm or digital agency managing a startup? Our PR/Agency Platform gives your clients access to a new digital channel that reaches 250,000 decision makers every month.

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