Get the exposure, credibility and digital presence your startup needs to scale, in days.

The exposure Platform helps scale your startup, through the power of revolutionary interview-style conversation, branded content and paid advertising.

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It’s time to get your story infront of the right customers.

Your exposure Platform

  • 1 x Storytelling planning session for your small business
  • 3 x 10 minute interviews (Problem | Product | Proof)
  • 3 x Conversion optimized videos (<60 seconds in length)
  • 1 x Advertising campaign to promote your branded content to
    a minimum of 5,000 targeted customers

  • 1 x SEO optimized article (for publication on high-value sites)
  • 1 x report capturing performance, content recommendations and market insights



Our exposure Platform has delivered real-results for

Have questions? These FAQs may help

How much does it cost?

Campaigns start at a few thousand dollars depending on the scope of work.

How long does it take?

We typically deliver the entire exposure platform in 10 days or less.

Will I own the content?

Yes. Your business will own all the content.

What is the Matt Brown Show?

The Matt Brown show is a digital TV show and podcast that is hosted by serial entrepreneur and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Matt Brown. Matt has built and sold multiple businesses.

His podcast has had millions of downloads from over 100 countries around the world and has featured the world’s leading business thought leaders from NYT Best Selling Authors, Navy Seals, NBA championship coaches, neuroscientists and billionaires from six continents.

What is Earned Media Value (EMV)? 

Earned media value is the monetary value of all exposure you gain on third-party sites or social media content through marketing and PR efforts. It puts a quantitative dollar amount on the engagement your company has won through these channels.

Are the views you guarantee from the
Matt Brown Show’s podcast audience?

No. The views we guarantee are exclusively based on your target audience. You tell us which customers you want to reach and we do the rest.

Where is the interview recorded?

The show can be recorded in studio, online or a combination of both in-studio and online.

How do you promote the interview and branded content?

You provide us with the profile of your target customer and we take care of the rest. We promote your startup to your target customers, markets and or investors anywhere in the world using digital channels.

What happens if I don’t like
being on camera?

We provide interview coaching to you so you come off looking like a pro.

Will I get new leads?

We use conversion optimized video ads to drive the conversation path of a prospect and the generation of inbound engagement and interactions including new top-of-funnel leads.

Where can I watch previous shows?

You can catch all previous digital TV shows and podcast interviews on the Matt Brown Show YouTube channel.

What proof do you have that this really works?

For proof that digital TV shows really work, check out our proof page in the main nav bar.

Still not sold? Chat with Matt